Webshop and partner area: Registration process

Below you will learn how to register for our partner area and for our webshop.

Please follow the steps described below. Only by registering you will have access to all the webshop functions, e.g. online ordering or personalised data sheets.

Partner area and webshop: Registration process

Step 1: Accept terms of use.
Please accept and sign the webshop terms of use and send the form back to us by fax or post (see below)..

1. Please fill in and sign the terms of use and send the form back to us by fax or post.

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Every single user you would like to register needs to fill in an individual terms of use form indicating the individual access right. 

Full access: Unlimited access (only 1 employee in your company)
Partial access: All access rights except the ability to change your basic customer data
Service access: Limited access (no order function)

2. Once we have received your signed terms of use form, you will receive a registration number by e-mail within 24 hours on working days.

Step 2: Partner area and webshop registration.
Register for the partner area and webshop.

3. On our website, click on "Partner Area" and then on "Become a partner". Please fill in the form. You may choose any user name and password you want.  For identification reasons, your customer ID and the registration number (which we had sent you by e-mail) are required.

Please enter your contact registration number manually and don't do copy & paste because this would include a blank which will generate an error message.

4. Save your entries.

5. The system will automatically generate an e-mail sent to us.

6. Once we have entered all your data into our system, we will activate your access.

7. You will then receive a final confirmation e-mail.

8. You can now log in and use all advantages of our website.

If there's any delay feel free to contact us or send a mail to BURG-GUARD@burg.biz